Quality Book of Tools Resource Database
How To Use The Database

There are two ways to search the database. You can browse resources or you can perform a keyword search.

When using the keyword search it is best to use a single search term. For example: if you would like to search for all resources having to do with 'infection' enter this term in the keyword search box (i.e. searching 'infection' will return 7 resources).

If you would like to see specific resource types or topics use 'Browse resources' to narrow your search.

  1. Select the type of resource you would like to find (i.e. policy and position documents, evidence and guidelines, forms and tools, or other) and all of resources of that type will appear.(For example choosing 'Forms and Tools' will display only those resource types).
  2. If you would like to view all resources for any given topic, select 'resource type: all' and then select a topic. (For example choosing Category D: Safe will narrow the search to 39 resources).
  3. Continuing from step 2, you can narrow your results again by selecting a Sub-Category, or further refine your search with a specific Indicator.

Download the instruction sheet to learn how to use this database.